Elena, 33 y.o., Russia
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Main info
First Name: Elena
Age: 33
Location: Russia
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Weight: 68kg
Height: 160cm
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Dark Blonde
Body type: A few extra pounds
Smoking Frequency: Often
Drinking Frequency: Never
Sleeping habits: Does not matter
English 5 (Fluent)
Russian 5 (Fluent)
Spanish 1(Basic)
German 1(Basic)
Marital status: Single
Want children: Yes
Do you agree to move ?:
I agree to move inside my country
I agree to move to another country
Your priorities in life:
Family, long-term relationship
Artistic self-expression
Your income: Good income
In my property: A house/ a cottage
Where do you live?: I live with my parents
What do you think about travelling and meeting expenses: I am not ready to pay
Education: Graduate degree
Job Title: Arts
What religion do you practice?: Agnostic
Age: 33 - 45
Country: Western Europe, North America, Australia
Weight: 40.86 - 120.31 kg
Height: 170 - 211 cm
Eye colour: Any
Hair colour: Any
Is it okay if they have children?: Yes
Body type: Any
Drinks: Occasionally(Socially)
Ethnic Preference: Asian, White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, South American

Responses to some questions

How would you describe yourself?
I am a sreenwriter by education. I have traveled a little bit - Hungery, Slovakia, Kenya, Thailand.
I have born in Odessa, then graduated the Univercity in Kiev and mooved to Crimea. Now I temporrary live in Moscow. I am searching for a job here. I am searching something connected with English or something at art, theatre, mass-media and cinema brunches. In case I will not find the job till 17 of August I will have to moove to Crimea.
I am artistic and creative, kind, open hearted. I eat meat and don't understand vegetarians.
I like painting and drawing and prctice almoust everyday.
I like swimming most from all kinds of sport and I sweem 1-2 killometres a day when I have a place to flop to the deep water.  
My dream is to have a lovely and interesting hobby that will be my source of income.
Also I would like to travel with my future husbend all over the world and practice several languages.
I'm a true theatre and film lover. I was and actrice and I was a screenwiter. So may be be could make some short-film together.  
Also I play guitar a little bit.

I think, making food, earning money, dishwashing and growing up children are those things a couple do together.
I am calm about cutted flowers and dimonds. The dishwasher and microwave are civilized people best friends.  
Several years ago I was going to for boogie-woogie classes. I'm fond of dances. May be we will dance together? What kind of dace to you like? May be I will go to the 'dark' side as you have cracets and experience in other kind of couple dance.
I like different kinds of music. Most of all I prefere rock, jazz, blues, country, launge and european classics.
A fly in the ointment I smoke tabaco. I think some day I will quit but I would like not to be desterbed about it. That will be my own decision someday.
Also I bed you a pardon for misstakes I made at the text, hope you will improve my English with the help of love, magic ang practice.  
I would like to find true love and to be happy with my husbend till the end of the days.
By the way, I think we shoud live for a long time. I hope you whant to be active at 70 or 80 years old. As I have a plan to enter the choire 'Young the heart', but only people after 80 years old could enter.
I see you and me active at youth and while getting older.
As you can see I am optimistinc person. And I woud like to see the same at your character.
How would you describe your ideal partner?
My ideal partner is a man I will love, admire and surprised with. You know, some times it is so boring to imagine a tipical prince with a white hourse, so I see him as a smilling, carring husbend that will be fond of talking and dancing with me.
If you knew the world was going to end in 30 days, what would you do?
I think I would be a supper-hero to prevent the end of the world. Almost every adventure movie of that kind told me I will not only save the Solar System but I will find you as my friend or enemy but with happy true love between us at the end. So see you, my super-man.
If you had 10 million dollars to spare, what would you do with it?
I would buy a house near the sea or an ocean.
How often, and from whom do you ask advice?
Every person that like to give an advice has some experiense that could be not applied to the situation. I usaly decide myself, than inform prarents about my decission. Never the less I ofter communicate with my family and friends and listen advices from their sides. Even when I didn't ask for that.   But that is temporarry. Hope we will decide everything conected with our life together with my husbend.
What quality do you value most in the people of your gender?
What quality do you value most in the opposite sex?
Intellect, masculinity and charisma.
What is a recent prominent event in your life, and how has it affected you?
I have an invitation to the interview in a company I like.
What is the best advice that you will give to your children?
There are two causes of melancholy: chemical disballance in human body and inaction. So any sort of despondency is solveable by yourself. In case you are gloome because of the person - you can love him the way it is, as a freeware or escape the communication with him or her. There is no time to do nothing. There is a time to be happy as we have born for that.
What has produced the biggest impression (shock) on you?
The 'Othelo' fin. Love doesn't have to be like that. The tust have to be between a couple, not other angy and envy Yagos.
The last books that you read?
Selfteaching books by screenwriting, drawing and painting. Also I like Wiwikpedia as a lovely source of info.
What are your goals now?
To find my beloved husbend and to be a super-creative person that earn a lot of money with the help of art.
Whom do you admire?
I like a lot of people but I can't name just one. I like singers, dancers, artist, actors, film directors and so on.
Do you have a lot of friends?
I think I don't have countless friend list but some true freinds are intouch from the childhood.
What qualities do you dislike most in those of your gender?
Grape wireing.
What qualities do you dislike most in the people of the opposite sex?
Grape wireing.
What would you like to change in yourself?
I would like to be slim so I do sport everyday and swim when I have the 'big water' nearby.  
What are your weaknesses?
I am fraid of skydiving. But I like and parctice sometime diving and snocling.
What are your strengths ?
I hope I'm charming.  
How do friends view you?
Openhurted and willing to help person.
How do acquaintances view you?
Creative person.
What are your favourite games?
Role plaing games in reality (Someting like theatre without a script. Role plaiers improvise a new story in fantectic of historical setting.)
Who are your favourite writers and poets?
Anjey SApkovskiy, Pushkin, Bairon, etc.
What kinds of music do you like?
Rock, jazz, embent, classic.
What is your favourite food?
Grilled lamb, italian tomatoes, tea.
What are your favourite films?
'The good year'
What is your favourite fairy-tale?
Italian fairy-tale about an old woman that was a girls fate. When a gril behaved good to her and helped an old lady, her life started to be good.
What is your favourite activity or hobby?
Aquarell painting.
What is your dream job?
An artist.
Tell us about your dream partner.
Lovely traveller that belives in lifetime with one partner. Romantic and loving. I dream to find a husbend I could sitt at home with and to go all over the world with.
Where do you want to live?
I think I prefer cities. I can't say for sure, Te time will show.
Ideally I would like to live in a
loft in the city
Keep my space
It's not perfect but close
Describe myself at a party as a
Life of the party
When it comes to money
I spend some and I save some
When it comes to TV
Turn it off
Do I enjoy dining out?
Not really keen
How often do I like to go out?
Once a week
Do I enjoy cooking?
I like cooking
Do I enjoy other types of Shopping?
I don't mind it
Do I enjoy grocery shopping?
I like it very much
Do I enjoy gardening?
Don't mind helping
Preference for pets
Don't have but like Fish
What type of Television programs do I enjoy watching most?
Comedy, Drama, Educational, Films, Nature/wildlife, Sci-fi
I enjoy spending free time
Doing additional work, Browsing the Internet, In Nature, Among friends, Pursuing a hobby, Visiting a museum or gallery, With family, Having lunch with a friend, Curling up with a good book, Doing something athletic
Activities that I enjoy
Swimming, Dancing, Hiking, Camping, Aerobics
Sports that I enjoy watching and/or playing
Olympic sports, Diving
Forms of entertainment that I enjoy
Surfing the web, Reading, Poetry, Rock Music, Jazz Music , Country Music, Classical Music, Museum/arts, Movies, Concerts, Board Games
Other hobbies or interests
Travelling, photography, painting, motorcycles, gourmet cooking, creative writing, crafts