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Dating Agency uaDating is devoted to bringing you thousands of sexy Russian Girls and beautiful Russian Women seeking marriage abroad. Meet a single Russian woman and browse our Mail Order Brides. What are all these pretty Russian girls doing here? What makes beautiful single Russian women search for their soul-mate through the Internet? Why women from Ukraine and Russia want a foreign husband? Can't these pretty girls find a partner in their native Ukrainian or Russian city? No, they can't! And that's the main reason why all these Russian women come to the marriage agencies and dating services, place their ad in a Russian women photo catalog. Thousand of pretty girls and single women from Ukraine and Russia want to get married, create a family, and be happy. So do you? Are you looking for a Russian women? Do you want to find a family-oriented Russian woman and create a happy family with her? - Free Dating Russian Girls

How it works

Each Russian women registers to our site passing the manual processing by our manager who check each Russian girls profile.

Our database are increasing for about 180-250 profiles from which we delete about 60-90 profiles of scammers after our checking up and it gives about 120-160 profiles of real and serious Russian girls.

Every day there are sent about 2000 letters from and to Russian Girls presented on the site about 400-500 postcards, about 25 video messages, about 300 ice-breakers, about 2000 winks.

During one year about 450-550 our clients come to Russia to meet their girls.

Every week 30-50 profile of Russian women are deleted by themselves from our online database as they found their soul mate and do not need our service anymore.

Every year about 650-750 our clients come to Russia to meet their girls.

We receive a lot of letters of thanks from our clients who have found their partners through our dating agency every day.

Step by step towards the success in online acquaintance
Russian women1. Russian brides are worthy of your great attention
Have you ever thought about dating scene with a woman from another culture and who may live thousands of kilometers from the place of your own location? If you have not finished with the idle life of a bachelor yet, and all of your buddies have already established their personal life, it is a right time to approach this question seriously. While surfing the different dating sites you can observe lovely Russian brides looking for their dream partners overseas, and some of them are very and very beautiful that you cannot tear your interested look from the screen. If you crave to find a caring and a womanly wife, you should turn your searches to the internet dating where you may dig an especial lady looking for the same purposes as you. At the beginning try to imagine the approximate type of a lady you would like to see in the role of your sweet wife, by making a list of qualities and traits you request in her. And your heart, eyes and your inner voice will do the rest of the dating work, by assisting to find the best lady who may come into your lonely life and to stay there forever.
Russian women2. Real feelings break ice in the heart of your dream-lady
Right, one hundred times you are right, having made a list of skills, features and character traits, which you would like to see in your future bride, but do not forget about feelings, a real love can move a mountain if it's necessary. But at the same time you shouldn't fly in the sky, hunting a very attractive shadoof. Do not forget about different culture, traditions and lifestyle, at last, if you suit each other on all possible options and you feel that this woman is able to occupy a special place in your life, and you will not regret, by leaving your bachelor life, so throw everything that separates you far away and think what can connect both of you forever. Keep in mind that a beautiful Russian bride is really worthy of your attention.
Russian women3. Are you interested in getting more attractive fish?
In fact, the beautiful Russian women really are very much attracted to a well-groomed men caring about their appearance and a smell properly, but without the inherent bigotry. Treat with a necessary responsibility towards the profile creating and especially to the selection of photos that you want to place on the dating site. Switch on your imagination and put yourself onto the place of a girl reading your profile and you at once understand the result you may get. Try to impress the Russian brides, which you are looking for on these dating sites. You can use the dating services of Russian agencies to pave a great path to meeting of plenty of lovely Russian "fish". You should be open and sincere to find a beautiful Russian woman you need, by remembering about the nice trophy you may win at the end.
Russian women4. Turn up sleeves, not being a witness but a participant
At last, you have already created the great profile, having attached an interesting personal ad and the recent photos (you've chosen the best ones according to your own view), but the stunned from delight the crowds of ladies from Russia do not intend to make acquaintance with you. At first ask some of the reliable buddies to help you, checking up your profile attentively and giving you their sincere opinion on this matter. Maybe you need to change your approach to presenting your personal information including the current interests, hobbies, likings and so on. Are you sure that you have impressed the ladies in right way? In fact, some facts and experience that you find little-meaningful, may have a huge meaning for another person. In any case you should be objective in order not to cheat yourself, by dreaming of unreal plans and events. And of course you should be as active as it's possible and to write letters to many Russian women intending a marriage with a foreigner. You shouldn't waste your time, by waiting for what you do not know; take the initiative into your hard-working hands and try not to miss any possible chance of meeting the beautiful Russian brides. If you have not received the answer, do not waste the time and send a letter to the next lady, who will find you interesting and worthy of your attention.
Russian women5. The greatest dating success lies ahead of you
You are dating and dating the different ladies, every month or maybe weekly you meet new Russian girls and talk to them, but no pretty lady from the countries of the former Soviet Union is going to have closer relations with you. And it doesn't mean they are bad, on the contrary all of them registering on the Russian dating sites are beautiful and interesting. Just think whether you choose the right female type, which will cooperate with you in creating a good family. It may happen you address the Russian girls intending the obtaining of stunning career and they just do not care about your cherished dreams of a sweet and cozy family life with an attractive Russian woman. You should get in contact with family-oriented Russian brides looking for a decent foreign guy to marry him, by creating a healthy family. Just keep in mind that the internet dating is a serious matter, even more than dating face-to-face; you shouldn't leave your dreams about cozy family nest near a caring wife, if you started your dating scene via the internet. To receive the desirable result you must go by a dating road confidently, not being distracted by small fish, in case your intentions to find a family-oriented Russian bride are still actual option.

Seven happy assistive points or how at last to approach towards Russian girls
1. Follow the simple and clear instructions to register on the site, by uploading a few photos preferably of high quality (but do not think that mobile reproduction will fall into the attentive and careful eyes of Russian girls). You will hardly find the females worldwide who are proud of their appearance like beautiful Russian women. These nice and charming ladies from Russia care about their appearance and health as neither feminist-minded lady ever. There is nothing surprising or wrong that they want to see a nice man in all respects next to them, although this does not mean that in their choice the ravishing Russian girls adhere to some particular criteria. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be dating a female with a smile like a crocodile, and the pictures taken by mobile phones more often look like photos made inside zoo. Take a few minutes to dig up some quality photo shots from your archive, preferably taken in the past few years in order attractive Russian women could see you well. 2. While pursuing your search for beautiful Russian girls through the internet Russian dating services you should follow some simple advices that can help you gain success expected. This item should be put at the outset, because at the beginning you should determine your intentions towards Russian women and you have to confess to yourselves whether you are looking for a romance with beautiful Russian brides or only for dating purposes with them, or maybe you crave to find a dream-wife among the attractive Russian girls. Existence of a huge bank account does not guarantee you a hundred percent success in grabbing of a wonderful lady among the decent Russian brides. These beautiful womanly creatures from Russia are mostly registering there, by looking for a suitable life partner treating them with respect and showing them caring. But if you confess the same lifestyle as the lazy Russian guys most of which are preferring to live at the expense of women and making no efforts to make their life better, so I can tell you with certainty that you have no successful chance that even one of these hard-working brides from Russia will throw a look in your direction. 3. You shouldn't wait till the stunning Russian girls start to overwhelm you by sacks of letters, but maybe it would be you who initiates correspondence with them. At the beginning you'd better compose an introduction letter giving the clear picture of your priorities and lifestyle so as not to mislead the girls registering on the Russian dating sites, while having their own purposes. You shouldn't limit yourself by intercourse just with several ladies from Russia; write directly not less than to the thirty of Russian brides, then you have a real chance that five of beautiful Russian girls will reply you and agree to continue dialogue. After exchanging by several messages with these incredible Russian women, whose bright profiles are placed on the site, you'll be able to see which of these attractive ladies Russian are really interested in you.
4. How do you think, if a nice lady from Russia sent short messages to you, superficial and indifferent, not going into details and not telling the facts of her current life, would you like to continue your communication with her? I'm sure you would lose any interest to her; to obtain the desirable result, get in touch with beautiful and intelligent Russian girls as much how you can. These smart and intelligently-behaving ladies are not like monkeys who would be glad to bananas and evergreen trees, by jumping from one "male tree" to another, not thinking about the consequences. These charming Russian brides are able to decorate life of any decent man treating them properly. They wouldn't be wasting their valuable time inside the bottomless internet-sea, seeking for the perfect match there if they had a chance to find a reliable guy on their native land. Try to keep communication with Russian brides in an interesting channel, by being interested in her life, talking about you (of course, the facts and events you feel are appropriate in this situation). Russian girls are rather as the undiscovered planet for you, which you should explore and conquer with help of your inner voice and our tips. Keep your natural charm and originality, being honest and sincere with beautiful Russian women during the communicating with them. While being attentive to their letters you'll be able to find common things with these attractive ladies looking for a decent man for the role of her life partner. Who knows maybe on one nice day one of these incredible Russian brides will become your sweet wife. 5. You see, the first impression may say a lot about a person you are interested in, and in the same way your first steps towards the girls may display many facts out about you, your skills, environment and lifestyle. When it's time to make contacts with intelligent Russian girls, you should think twice when composing your introduction letter to these ladies in order not to create the wrong impression about your communication skills. Most of Russian brides, whose great profiles you may observe placed on the pages of the different Russian dating sites, are looking for exactly the same thing as you are, so they won't drive the horses in order to quickly pass through the dating scene, by marrying the male foreigner whom they met first. These beautiful women from Russia crave to create a healthy family, to have kids and simply want to be happy, to say by other words the Russian women want to enjoy all happy chances and occasions from life. So choosing a life partner, these sober-thinking women from Russia often are not in a hurry, even if they do not have any perspective candidates for the role of husband at the present time. If a correspondence is all that you need, then Russian girls will hardly expect just this from you. Sometimes in letters we can express the most cherished and secret wishes of our own, but it would be better to hear this via the phone call or at the meeting in person. Beauties from Russia prefer live conversation to the correspondence, not welcoming only exchanging messages, most of these decisive ladies won't see the mutual benefit in such type of intercourse. You should not much delay, deciding whether to contact this girl or no, the point is that despite all their beauty and attractiveness these nice Russian women are afraid to stay lonely for a life period. Most of these ravishing ladies from Russia are seriously family-oriented, by looking for a decent foreign guy for the role of their reliable husband. So, after exchanging several letters, try to communicate via the landline or the internet line with her; the exchanging of your voice sounds may become a first little step towards the closer intercommunication. 6. Sometimes we do not notice how day follows day in our life, and we regret what we couldn't have done, and it happens we do not make any reciprocal steps towards our destiny welcoming us by a chance after chance. You shouldn't waste your time, if you feel your mutual interest with ravishing Russian brides, so you'd better dare to fly to the place of location of your pretty lady in Russia and have dates face-to-face. But keep in mind that Russian girls are not those allowing nearly unknown guys to use their well-built sexual bodies in their own goals; they prefer to make love with the beloved men showing them their respect and caring, so do not speed your first sexual contact with your sweet lady from Russia.

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